Neurowave Medical Technology

Neurowave Medical Technologies (NMT)’s proprietary transdermal neuromodulation technology platform is part of a larger family of therapeutic medical devices called neuromodulation devices.

NMT’s has a rich clinical and product pipeline targeting multiple conditions of the central nervous system and gastrointestinal tract.

Our goal is to develop innovative transdermal solutions that are designed to provide treatment in a manner that is equivalent or superior to leading pharmaceuticals in terms of clinical efficacy, patient outcomes, ease of use, and cost, but with a far superior safety profile for the patient.

These transdermal device solutions go beyond traditional pharmaceutical products by allowing patients complete control over the administration of their therapy and the immediate relief of their symptoms.

As a result, this unique patient controlled transdermal device solution allows for cost competitive therapy with a much better safety profile in comparison to current pharmaceutical solutions for the same conditions

NMT’s neuromodulation technology platform is protected by an extensive patent portfolio.